Civil Resistance Prize Recipients

The Civil Resistance Prize is awarded to two students every year by the History Department. This award is given to papers written on the history of nonviolent protest and/or civil resistance. Papers written in both History- and non-History courses are eligible and can be diverse in geographic and temporal breadth, but priority will be given to those that focus on the Global South.  To learn more about the Civil Resistance Prize, click here.

2024 Recipients

  • Teaching History as an Act of Nonviolent Protest: SNCC’s Freedom Schools and History Curriculum

    This article was written by Axell Boomer and was awarded the Civil Resistance Prize by the History Department in 2024. It was originally written for the Nonviolence Project: As systemic inequalities—which arrived from the institution of American slavery—manifested themselves into the classroom, Black students were left with less federal support than White students in the American South. Black students in Mississippi, despite comprising fifty-seven percent of “school-aged children,” received “only thirteen percent of state funds.”

2023 Recipients

2022 Recipients