• Juno Frankie Pierce: The Untold Story of a Southern Suffragist

    Juno Frankie Pierce, more well-known as Frankie Pierce, was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1864. She was the daughter of Frank Seay, a freedman, and Nellie Seay, a former slave to Colonel Robert Allen, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • How Martin Luther King Jr. found his Love-Force

    This article explores King’s upbringing, influences, and his intellectual journey towards discovering the concept of Satyagraha.

  • Ready, Willing, and Able to Fight – How Judy Heumann Advanced the Disability Rights Movement

    For the last three decades, millions of American parents have been able to park their minivans between parallel white lines – avoiding the spaces with the blue and white logos that depict a stick figure in a wheelchair – and usher their child into a stroller, which they can push up a portion of the curb gradually sloped from the asphalt up to the sidewalk, before guiding the stroller up a concrete ramp and through an entrance wide enough to fit it. 

  • William Proxmire

    Wisconsin’s Class I senate seat has been filled with history in the last century... Yet between McCarthy and Herb Kohl, the man who lends his namesake to the Kohl Center here at UW, the seat was held by William Proxmire, a man who played a leading role in the anti-genocide movement in America.

  • Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou is revered today for her work as a poet, writer, actress, dancer, and activist. She was a woman of many talents and her wisdom lives on through her many works of art, most notably, her autobiographies. Angelou was born in 1928 in St. Louis, MO and had a traumatic childhood.

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