Ik Kittisenee

Position title: Summer 2022 Graduate Intern

Email: kittisenee@wisc.edu

Website: Ik Kittisenee's website

Headshot of researcher Napakadol Kittisenee

I am a graduate student intern with the Nonviolence Project. I first subscribed to my Teochew Chinese immigrant identity from the periphery of Thai-Lao polities before acquiring academic uniforms of anthropologist and historian of Theravada Buddhism and mainland Southeast Asia. This background encompasses my primary attention towards border, migration, religion and ethnic identity. My extensive fieldwork experience at Buddhist sites in India and within Greater Mekong Subregion as well as a decade-long engagement with peace movements in post-genocidal Cambodia encourage me to reflect on Buddhist responses to atrocities created by human and non-human agents in different historical periods. My broader interest also includes the predicament of spirituality in the face of contemporary uncertainties and global/cosmological disruption.

The Final Flame: An Obituary to Venerable Thích Nhất Hạnh (1926-2022)

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