Prince Vincent-Anene

Position title: Summer 2022 Graduate Intern


Website: Prince Vincent-Anene's website

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I am a graduate student intern with the Nonviolence Project. My primary research interest is in the history of technology in Africa. It goes beyond how Africans manufactured and used technologies to include what technology means for different peoples of Africa to the social history of inbound technologies in colonial Africa. More importantly, I am interested in the place of technology in African societies and how technologies imbricate culture, politics and religion. My research interest also revolves around the question of laboratory, my aim is to trace laboratories beyond the western epistemic traditions of built infrastructures.

My doctoral research focuses on the history of automobile transportation in colonial Nigeria. It uses multiple perspectives—from technology, urbanization, and modernity to gender, race, and class—to engage how people of colonial Nigeria made and remade the automobile transportation system into a gamut of their encounter with imperial modernity.

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