Always Been Here – Wisconsin’s History of LGBTQ+ Presence and Activism

In October of 2022, a well-known transphobic political commentator was invited to UW-Madison by a conservative student group and allowed to speak. What followed was an outraged student body, a clash of protestors and insults publicly thrown at university officials who spoke out for trans acceptance. The intensity of the event was felt throughout campus and sparked a discussion about LGBTQ+ presence and resistance throughout Wisconsin history, which this article explores.

Let My People Go: How an American Student Movement Helped Free Over a Million Soviet Jews

Emboldened by the various other grassroots civil rights movements of the 1960’s, young Jews in America banded together to demand the liberation of Soviet Jews. Their platform called for an end to government persecution of Jews, the right to emigrate from the Soviet Union, freedoms of cultural and religious expression, and other human rights.