Bangladesh’s Political Unrest

Bangladesh’s Nationalist Party (BNP) has boycotted its January 7th election. The party is led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. This boycott has led Bangladesh to reelect its current leader, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s and her Awami League (AL), for a fourth consecutive five-year term.

Reflections from Dr. Maria J. Stephan’s Talk: The Power and Promise of Nonviolent Action

As I walked briskly into Tripp Commons—a massive room with terrazzo floors and wood panel walls, nestled in the northwestern wing of Memorial Union’s second story—I was approached by Jeremiah Cahill, an affable gentleman who was eager to provide information about the Quaker-led climate action coalition to which he belonged.

The Peaceful Revolution: The Fall of a Wall and the Rise of Democracy

The Fall of the Berlin Wall was a monumental moment in history, signifying liberation for East Germans and the reunification of Germany. Now taught as the symbolic end of the Cold War, the collapse of this physical representation of the Iron Curtain abolished the oppressive Soviet regime over East Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR).